We’re proud of the work our imprinters produce!!

The stately and wild worlds of imprinting will be the subject of many future blogs. Whichever method you choose for a particular product or project requires an expert imprinter, an appropriate imprint method for the product, and a vendor that carefully manages deadlines. We choose our imprinters carefully.  For example, we wouldn’t sell embroidered items for several years until we found an embroiderer that met our standards. Yes, we’ll write in detail about imprinting in our blog in the future.  This page will serve as an imprinting buffet for you to feast your eyes.



If an embroiderer can digitize and product a 10,000 stitch embroidery piece that looks like these, they’re in a heavenly class with few peers.

Our main embroiderer produced the PacBell Event logo on a fleece blanket for an important client event.

The same embroiderer digitized a scan of a the painted logo of the Genealogical Society of Hispanic American and embroidered this swatch.


Screen Printing


Special-Effects Screen Printing


Unique Locations & Mixed Media


Applique, Laser Etching on Fabric, Rhinestones, Numbers & Names



More examples of wonderful imprint methods will be added to this page.